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SWCA-VA Tutor Collaboration Day 2023 (TUCOLLA-VA)

  • 11 Nov 2023
  • online

Join us for

Virginia Tutor Collaboration Day (TuColla-VA 2023)

WHEN: Saturday, November 11, 2023

WHERE: Virtual Conference

Hosted by the William & Mary Writing Resources Center.

The SWCA-VA invites writing center tutors to submit proposals for TuColla-VA 2023. The theme for this year’s conference is “Finding Our Place.”

The authors of the book The Everyday Writing Center (2007), identify writing centers as “communities of practice.” Such communities form when members commit to common goals, engage in shared efforts and experiences, and feel empowered to be both teachers and learners who can shape and challenge the group’s values and norms. Members of a community of practice feel invested in its success and see profound meaning in its work. Scholar Brooklyn Walter extends this point when she argues that, in order to effect positive social change in their institutions, writing centers must also become “critical communities” that “[cultivate] brave, bold, and creative work with student-writers.” Critical communities are formed intentionally, with the goal of supporting and sustaining efforts at social change through appropriate guidance, strategies, motivation, and reflection.

At the 2023 Virginia Tutor Collaboration Day, we will focus on this idea of writing centers as intentional communities, as locations where individuals (both those who use our services and those who provide them) are invited to “find their place.”

Our conference theme is purposefully broad in order to invite a range of session topics. Download the CFP to get ideas to spark your thinking.

Check out the Call for Proposals

Submit a Proposal (due Oct. 2)

Register to Attend (due Nov 10)


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