Welcome to the SWCA Community College Forum, a space for conversation and collaboration.

We first convened at the Community College Session at the 2017 SWCA Conference in Oxford, Mississippi. During the session, writing center practitioners from Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee shared success stories and discussed challenges facing their respective spaces. Although each center varied in size – ranging from a one-person center to a team of over twenty – we felt like a true community; a community that must navigate rapid tutor turnover, technological limitations, and funding shortfalls. From Title III Grants to Quality Enhancement Plans (QEPs), we really spoke one another’s language.

We hope this webpage will continue our conversation and become a space for everyone to stay in touch, share resources, and offer advice.

Community College Representative: Randall Sessler, Wallace Community College (2019)

Dr. Randall Sessler, Writing Center Coordinator at Wallace Community College in Alabama, is currently serving as SWCA Community College Representative. He can be reached at rsessler@wallace.edu and regularly blogs about all things writing center at randallsessler.com.

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