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SWCA Branding

This page provides access to SWCA logo files and information about how best to display them. If you have any questions, or are a member who needs a vector art or extra-large version of any logo, email the SWCA-DCD.

SWCA Style Guide


SWCA Colors

Primary Colors

Hex: #69b9d1   ■   R: 105, G: 185, B: 209
Hex: #245b70   ■   R: 36, G: 91, B: 112
Hex: #dd2c00   ■   R: 221, G: 44, B: 0

Secondary Colors

Hex: #8a321b   ■   R: 138, G: 50, B: 27

Hex: #eaab41   ■   R: 234, G: 171, B: 65

SWCA Logos

  • "Large" versions of logos are suitable for printing; "medium" versions are suitable for online use. If you need a version sized specifically for things like a Facebook cover photo, email the SWCA-DCD.
  • Logo files should be presented in full on high-contrast backgrounds with space between it and other objects or the document edge (at least 0.25 inches).
  • Logo files should never be rotated, recolored, cropped, or otherwise modified.
  • Full-color logos are preferable to grayscale or monochrome versions and should be used when possible.
  • The "textless" logo should only be used in situations where it will be recognized as being associated with the SWCA.

Organization Logos

State Logos

C.A.R.E. Logos

Zoom Backgrounds

Note: The images used in these Zoom background are all made available under a Morguefile license that allows for modification and re-use without attribution. But if you want to check out more of these photographers' works, the original photos are by Morguefile users jlite, pellinni, and lisaleo.

Miscellaneous Graphics

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