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  • Tennessee Tutor Collaboration Day 2020 (TUCOLLA)

Tennessee Tutor Collaboration Day 2020 (TUCOLLA)

  • 07 Nov 2020
  • online

Tennessee Tutor Collaboration Day (TUCOLLA) 2020

Conference Co-chairs: Keri Carter and James Hamby

Conference Theme: Adapting

Over the past year, writing centers have faced new and difficult challenges. For one, the global pandemic has

In addition to these national and international circumstances, writing centers are also spaces where individual struggles happen every day. Both tutors and students must learn how to adapt to different situations that may occur in the writing center. Whether these situations be pedagogical, linguistic, cultural, or simply a matter of personal crisis, tutors and students learn how to navigate their realities in order to engage in collaborative learning. altered our usual writing center operations. We have had to move our centers online, change our physical setups to observe social distancing, or find some other way to cope with this new reality. Additionally, the protests for social justice that have erupted in the wake of a number of police shootings of Black men have caused institutions and individuals throughout all levels of our society to reexamine the effects of institutional racism. Writing centers occupy a special place in this national discussion as they are often intersections of language, culture, class, and power dynamics within higher education.

This conference will examine the ways writing centers, tutors, and students adapt to the challenges of education. Whether these challenges stem from large-scale phenomena, personal crises, or an intersection of the two, we hope to discuss ways in which writing centers adapt to meet the needs of students.

Topics to Explore:

We invite individual presentations, panels, and poster submissions on the following subjects:

  • Changes writing centers made for the COVID19 pandemic
  • Experiences with online tutoring and new technologies
  • Changes due to social distancing
  • Creating online communities
  • Maintaining writing center communities in new mediums
  • Challenges unique to high school writing centers
  • Antiracist practices in writing centers
  • Diversity in writing centers
  • Intersections of language and culture
  • Writing centers and marginalized populations
  • Mental health and well-being in writing center spaces

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