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Submission Guidelines

Scholars who submit articles do not have to be members of SWCA, but authors selected for publication may also be chosen by the SDC editor for a special panel for SWCA.

Feel free to send us queries, ideas, and proposals connected to other potential aspects of this CFP. Please submit all questions to southerndiscoursejournal@gmail.com.

Submission Guidelines: Please submit your article via email to SDC@iwca-swca.org. Generally articles should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words. If you have something longer, you should first send a query to the editor with an explanation of the project. We ask that all articles be documented in accordance with the MLA Style Manual, 8th Edition. Consistent with traditional writing center practice, SDC promotes a feedback model. Articles will be sent out to our national board for blind review and reviewed by our editorial team. SDC is excited to work with you.

You should send two copies of your article—one without any identifying information, one with your complete information—in PDF format.

We do our best to respond in approximately one month. If your article is accepted (or accepted with revisions), please plan to revise and resubmit (in MLA format) no later than three weeks from your notice of acceptance.

Back to the Center Guidelines

Alongside scholarly articles, each issue of SDC will include an article of roughly 1,500 words that focuses on a specific writing center, speaking center, digital center or multiliteracy center. “Back to the Center” will share  a center’s successes and hopes for improvement. By incorporating visual images, “Back to the Center” should give its readers an authentic sense of the ethos of the center and of the work done there. What is working in the center? What are the areas that need improving? What are the goals for  the center? “Back to the Center” will also include a section titled “Center Insight.” In this section, we’d like to know the numbers: How many  sessions are held in the center per semester? How many consultants are working in the center? How many hours a week is the center open? How does consultant recruitment occur? How long is the training process for consultants before they work in the center?

Consultant Insight Guidelines

Consistent with the consultant-writer model of the mutual exchange of ideas, we invite consultants to provide insight into center experiences. This article of roughly 2,000 words can be research driven or can take a more narrative and personal approach that illuminates consultant experiences. SDC is interested in both struggles and achievements. The article may focus specifically on one aspect of consulting or it may provide a broader sense of center work.


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