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2019 SWCA Conference

Proposal submission deadline extended to 10/26/18!

Dates: 2/21/19 - 2/23/19

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Host Institution: Coastal Carolina University

Conference Chair: Scott Pleasant (sepleasa@coastal.edu, 843-349-4154)

For the 2019 conference, we will consider and reflect on our ongoing conversations within and about the writing center.

Conversations within the writing center are typically aimed at helping students improve a specific piece of writing. Most students come to the writing center not to write, but to talk about something they are in the process of writing. When we talk with them about their writing, what should we say? What should we not say? How should these conversations be structured? Who should be in control? How can we help students with their writing without “fixing” their writing? Conference sessions in which these types of questions are considered and discussed can help all of us reflect on and improve the day-to-day practices in our writing centers.

Conversations about the writing center take a variety of forms and focus on issues such as management, budgeting, training, promotion, and assessment. What kind of training opportunities do we need to provide or take advantage of? How can emerging technologies facilitate our work with students? How should we measure and document our successes (and failures)? What role should a writing center play in the institution it is a part of? What kind of research methods should we employ when assessing our work? Sessions taking up these and other threads in the ongoing conversation about writing centers can help us make critical decisions about the directions we take in our individual writing centers and in the writing center field at large.

We invite proposals for sessions that address any of the above questions or other issues in the larger writing center conversation. Proposals for all types of sessions—including individual presentations, group presentations, roundtables, panels, workshops, and poster displays—will be accepted. Revised and expanded versions of conference presentations will be included in a special issue of Southern Discourse in the Center. As such, scholarly, research-driven papers that consider, comment on, and contribute to threads in the ongoing writing center conversation are encouraged.

Deadline for submissions will be October 26, 2018.

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